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Report: GM suing Mongoose Motorsports over Corvette GS replicas E-mail
Wednesday, 24 March 2010
The 1963 Corvette Grand Sport is one rare roadster. General Motors only built five of the Cobra killers before production was halted, and the rarest of 'Vettes are worth millions at auction. If you don't have Ferrari GTO 250 money to spend, one option is to shell out $189,000 to Duntov Motor Co. in Texas. The company reportedly has full rights from GM to build the vehicles, and The General's badge is proudly displayed.
But that isn't the only way to get a replica Grand Sport. Mongoose Motorsports produces a near dead ringer of a roadster, but GM claims in a lawsuit that the company is violating trademark laws by building the vehicles without the automaker's permission. The Detroit News says The General is looking for the courts to bar Mongoose from building any more GS replicas, order the destruction of all labels and signs containing Corvette trademarks and let the automaker inspect the Ohio company's books. On top of that, GM is looking for unspecified damages. Mongoose operations manager Gary Krause Jr. reportedly told DetNews that he was unaware of the lawsuit until the newspaper called him.

Why is General Motors coming down hard on Mongoose Motorsports? Because there is a lot of money in licensing (ask any pro sports team), and any company seeking to profit from The General's designs, products or representations is taking money out of the company's coffers. But while the Mongoose Motorsports GS may (or may not) be illegal, it still does look pretty damn cool on the road. Hit the jump to watch video of the realistic replica as it trolls public roads in search of some street cred; or perhaps a speeding ticket. [Source: The Detroit News]
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