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A glo ssary is an alphabetical list of terms in a particular domain of knowledge with the definitions for those terms. Traditionally, a glossary appears at the end of a book and includes terms within that book which are either newly introduced or at least uncommon.

This is our online version of Corvette jargon, specific terms, lingo, and much more. This is the Vettester Glossary.  Login, or register and submit your term to share them with all of us.

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B-pillarIn Corvettes, the area between the door glass and rear window

B2K Callaway Twin-Turbo

In 1987, the factory B2K option became available from the factory. The Callaway Corvette was a Regular Production Option (RPO B2K), the only time in Chevrolet's history a specialist manufacturer was entrusted with a technically advanced high performance RPO. The B2K option coexisted from 1990 to 1991 with the ZR-1 option, which then replaced it.

Early B2Ks produced 345 hp (257 kW) and 450 ft·lbf (610 N·m) of torque; later versions boasted 450 hp (336 kW) and 613 ft·lbf (831 N·m)


Basket CaseUsually a vehicle that has been taken apart (or torn apart as in a wreck) and the pieces are scattered about in baskets or boxes, waiting to be put back together. While the price is often cheap, the labor required to put a car together can be overwhelming to many, which is why the owner sells a basket case in the first place.
BBCBig Block Chevy - the 366, 396, 402, 427, and 454 family of engines. See Rat Motor and Big Block Chevy
Big Block (Chevy)

Large displacement V8 engines of either 396, 427 or 454 cubic inches, optional in Corvettes from 1965 through 1974.

The 366, 396, 402, 427, and 454 Mark IV family of engines. There have been other variations in the aftermarket world and in the Chevrolet special products world of aluminum engines for Can Am and for boat racing but those are expensive and you will rarely see one. The 366 is an old truck engine from the mid '60s and is probably equally rare today, even though many were built.

Big Tank
  Optional thirty-six gallon fuel tank for 1963 through 1967, or twenty-four gallon fuel tank for 1959 through 1962 Corvettes.
Black-BookSee Corvette Black Book
Bloomington Gold This is one of the oldest Corvette shows in the US. When someone mentions Bloomington, they mean the Corvette show that started in Bloomington, IL at the McLean County Fairgrounds in 1973 as a club event. The show quickly grew to be the largest Corvette show in the country and became a commercial operation. In 1992, the show moved to Springfield, IL to the State Fairgrounds, where it stayed until 1997 when it moved back to Bloomington at the Interstate Center. In 2002, the show moved again to St. Charles, IL to the Pheasant Run Country Club where the cars are displayed on the golf course greens. 

Interestingly, both previous sites were  on what was Route 66, furthering the association between Corvettes and Route 66. Bloomington Gold is held on the last weekend in June. The certifications from the show have become very important to Corvette owners interested in original or restored cars, as the awarding of a Gold or Silver certificate can greatly increase the value of the Corvette. The swap meet has traditionally been described as "if you can't find the part there, it doesn't exist". You can find them at Bloomington Gold for information on the next show.

Blue FlameEngine used in the early C1's - Chevrolet for 1953 gave customers a choice of two 6 cylinders engines. They could choose the high compression 115 horsepower "Blue Flame" teamed with a Powerglide automatic transmission or the advanced 108 horsepower "Thrifty King" engine with a standard transmission.
Body offExtensive restoration in which a Corvette body is completely removed from its frame
Bowling Green,Bowling Green, Kentucky, the current home of Corvette. Corvettes have been built here at the Chevrolet - Pontiac - Corvette plant since 1981. It is located right on I-65 and is easy to find. The National Corvette Museum is located basically "across the street".
Burnouts - Burn OutSlang A burn out is when you accelerate such that the rear tires spin and get hot enough to create smoke from burning rubber. Several terms for this are: Burning rubber, peeling out, peeling rubber, lay rubber, and so on. This demonstrates the manliness of the driver due to his possession of such a powerful car and the more rubber one can lay, the more manly he is. (Very tongue in cheek commentary)

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