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A glo ssary is an alphabetical list of terms in a particular domain of knowledge with the definitions for those terms. Traditionally, a glossary appears at the end of a book and includes terms within that book which are either newly introduced or at least uncommon.

This is our online version of Corvette jargon, specific terms, lingo, and much more. This is the Vettester Glossary.  Login, or register and submit your term to share them with all of us.

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F41The heavy duty suspension package on '60s and '70s Corvettes. It lowered the car about 1" and was stiff enough to race with.
FiberglassA material combining thermoset plastic with glass fibers. Also the outer body of the Corvette
FlintThe first Corvettes were virtually hand-built in Flint, Michigan in Chevrolet's Customer Delivery Center, now an academic building at Kettering University.

FRC - fixed-roof coupe

In 1999, the Corvette C5 was offered as a limited production Fixed Roof Coupe commonly known as a hardtop. These FRC’s were designed to be faster and lighter than any Corvette in history. In 2001, the FRC’s name was changed to Z06 with the addition of the LS6 engine. Because the FRC Hardtop was only produced on a limited basis for a year and a half, it is the rarest of C5 Corvettes. 

Fuelie1957 through 1965 fuel-injected Corvette.

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