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Mako Shark

A Corvette showcar/concept car

Later known as the “Mako Shark I,” the Corvette Shark of 1961 was the brainchild of Bill Mitchell. Legend surrounds the origin of the car, including Mitchell’s flash of inspiration after catching a shark while deep-sea fishing. The Shark looked like a real shark, with a mouth, gills and a shark-like paint scheme that gradated from blue/gray on the top to silver/white on the bottom (along the rocker panels). Memorable features include a sharp, menacing “nose” and four-into-two side pipes. The Shark, along with the Stingray Racer, heavily influenced the body design of the second generation of Corvettes.

Mark I, II, III, IV, V The Mark series is the big block engine family starting with the 348 in 1958 and continuing through the current 454 and 502. Mark I included the 348 and 409. Mark II was the NASCAR Mystery Motor 427. Mark III never reached production. Mark IV started with the 396 and included the 366, 396, 402, 427, and 454. Production ended a few years ago on Mark IV. The current 454 and the 502 are part of the Mark V group.
Matching NumbersVin-derivative stamped into engine matches VIN; also can refer to any stamped or cast codes indicating original parts.
McLellan, DavidChief engineer of Corvette after Zora Duntov left Chevrolet. It was under him that the new design for 1983 Corvette begun, only to be produced as the 1984 Corvette.
Mid Year1963 through 1967 Corvette.
Mitchell, BillBill Mitchell was the chief of design for Corvette and often introduced his other hobbies and pastimes into the design of the Corvette. The most famous are the Shark and Mako Shark (later known as Mako Shark I and Mako Shark II) where the paint scheme was similar to a shark he caught while fishing off Florida. Bill retired from GM in the mid '70s and lived in West Palm Beach until his death in 1988.
Motion PerformanceIn the '70s, Motion Performance of Baldwin, LI, New York produced some outrageous perfomance cars using monster motors such as 450 hp 350s and 550 hp 427s. Joel Rosen produced Camaros, Corvettes, Vegas, Novas, and Maco Sharks with various engines, depending on the customers pocketbook. The Maco Shark was a body kit that transformed the '68 up Corvette into a Mako Shark look-alike. Another car was the Corvette GT which featured fixed headlights mounted in the upper fenders, ala Datsun 240Z. Most came with a Motion Performance "Stinger" painted across the tail and along the rear fenders forward. Today, these are rare cars since many were undoubtedly "restored" to factory original. Unfortunately, Joel Rosen appears to be only helpful in confirming his cars for a rather high fee.
MotoramaMotorama was an auto show staged by General Motors from 1949 to 1961. These automobile extravaganzas were designed to whet public appetite and boost automobile sales with displays of fancy prototypes, concept vehicles and other special or halo models.
Mouse MotorSlang term for "small block" Chevy engines.
MultiportTechnically accurate description for the fuel injection of 1985 and newer models, but especially for 1992 and newer.
Myron Scott

Myron E. Scott (September 16, 1907-October 4, 1998) was the creator of the All-American Soap Box Derby. He is also credited with naming Chevrolet's sports car, the Corvette.

Chevrolet wanted a non-animal name starting with "C" for the sports car in 1953, and Scott chose the name of a fast ship, the corvette.


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