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zo6 corvette 200 MpH Autobahn Red
Zo6 Corvette 200 MpH Autobahn..
Date: 2008-10-11 22:11:30 - Added by: Hurricane
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Lingenfelter's fastest C6 Corvette standing mile 226 MPH
This video was shot May 7th, 2007 at Oscoda, MI - Oscoda-Wurtsmith Airport Formerly Wurstsmith Air Force Base. That day the Lingenfelter 2006 ZO6 Corvette 427 CID Twin Turbo blasted down the 11,800 foot runway from a dead stop to a measured mile at 226.25 MPH in 25.12 seconds. The engine is a 427 CID LS7 based twin turbo. The car produces 1100 hp rear wheel on 93 octane unleaded fuel and 1300 hp at 21 psi of boost on race gas. This car goes from 0-200 MPH in 18.34 seconds on 93 octane pump gas. Based on calculations using the horsepower and drag of the vehicle this car would be capable of 300 MPH top speed. This is not a race car and has full interior and stock seats and air conditioning. The car is fitted with a six point roll bar and 5 point harnesses. This run beats our previous 2006 Motor Trend Shoot out run with a 2005 Corvette Twin Turbo that ran 211 MPH in the standing mile. This is the fastest street C6 Corvette standing mile time on street tires using production Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 tires on HRE three piece forged wheels. Go to our web site http://www.lingenfelter.com/Lingenfelter2006ZO6TTBGB.htm for more information, pictures and down load the hero card.
Date: 2008-10-11 22:09:35 - Added by: Hurricane
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Lingenfelter C6 ZO6 1000 HP Twin Turbo Corvette Chassis Dyno
Here is a great video of a 1000 HP 2006 C6 Corvette ZO6. This is the first of three we are currently building. 16 injector hand made intake manifold, custom air to air heat exchanger, built 427 CID LS7 engine, HRE Forged aluminum wheels, Lingenfelter CES hood.
Date: 2008-10-11 22:08:35 - Added by: Hurricane
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DPE Corvettes.com supercharged Corvette dyno run 720 rwhp on 93
DPE Corvettes.com - Supecharged 402@13psi with conservative tune and 93 octane . 720 RWHP
Date: 2008-10-11 22:05:53 - Added by: Hurricane
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DPE corvettes.com 920hp supercharged corvette C6
logging some runs for tuning. running a little rich
Date: 2008-10-11 22:03:03 - Added by: Hurricane
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DPE corvettes. com 920hp Supercharged corvette 52mm Turbosmart BOV test
Just finished installing and calibrating my 52mm Turbosmart BOV.
Date: 2008-10-11 22:01:41 - Added by: Hurricane
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Jay Leno and his Green Corvette, vers 2
Jay Leno introducing his E85 powered Corvette at the SEMA Trade Show in Las Vegas.
Date: 2008-10-11 21:58:17 - Added by: Hurricane
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Jay Leno's E85-powered Corvette Z06
MORE INFO: http://www.worldcarfans.com/9071029.018/jay-lenos-8.2l-600hp-corvette-z06-at-sema Late night talk show host Jay Leno briefly left his stand-up comedy routine in L.A. to participate in the 2007 Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Show going on in Las Vegas. Leno, known for hosting
Date: 2008-10-11 21:56:06 - Added by: Hurricane
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One Bad Ass Corvette
Here goes a Corvette that I was able to video tape while at the track.
Date: 2008-10-11 21:53:17 - Added by: Hurricane
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One Bad Corvette
P&G engineers team up to build a beast Corvette -- for just $2,000!!!
Date: 2008-10-11 21:51:30 - Added by: Hurricane
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